Knights of the crusade and B.boys breakdancing. Rag & bone men, pitiful horses and the grey London streets. Dusty relics, faded empires and finding the keys to the time machine. The last of the cockney robots and feeling pre-digital. Sonic booms that light up the sky and wide eyed astronomers who wont go to bed. But most of all being brave!

I developed the idea of Donk as a space for creative play outside of my work as a photographer.
In 2008 I started to place images onto the street where I explore a photographic & Xerox style of paste up art, colour washing the Xerox in coloured inks to soften, age and alter the final mood.
My original images are high contrast, graphic and photographic constructs which lend themselves quite naturally to the traditional screen printing processes you find here.

I play with visual ideas like stories. These balance my personal take on urban history & nostalgia with aspects of human strength and vulnerability.

My aim is to communicate something sincere but entertaining.

I hope you enjoy.